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TCI Unique Materials With Innovative solutions for Interior  and Exterior for all the building parts and building process…

  • —Laying Sustainable Foundation
  • —Water-proofing, Anti- damp
  • —Walls system, indoor/outdoor finishing
  • —Slim Floor system, various floor covering finishing
  • —Slim Ceiling systems, sound proofing
  • —Electrical, Solar/wind Power system. Low/high, Volt system
  • Plumbing, Gas
  • —Decorative, Trim
  • —Smart House
  • —Stone , tiles – Paint
  • —Driveways, Pathways
  • —Windows, Door,…
  • —Gardening, landscaping
Preparation of the land in
Making a firm and solid foundation
(The most important part and building)
Our Full efficiency System,  Starts
Right From Footings.
Evolution in Foundation setting

A New Way To Build with Maximum Efficiency.

  • As long as we all can remember,
  • builders have been always challenging
  • the waterproofing as well damp
  • proofing in Building footings…
  • and another main problem was
  • Water, Damp, mould, smell, strikes of water or damp on wall painting, and on and on problems,…
  • Lumbers or plywood for forming concrete footings
Sustainable Foundation System 1 - Tci Building System
Sustainable Foundation System 2 350x350 - Tci Building System

Our Solution to Forming as well Rising Damp

  • Prevents Rising Damp
  • Concrete is ‘hygroscopic’, wicking up ground moisture which leads to a damp and moldy interior. This system is a damp proof membrane, preventing ground moisture wicking into the footing concrete,  Contaminating, and providing a drier, healthier  indoor environment.
  • And it is a closed form, which preventing cement fines from entering the water table.
Our Solution  1 300x300 - Tci Building System
Our Solution 2 300x300 - Tci Building System
Then and Now 350x350 - Tci Building System
  Our System Can Benefit you In Time, Cost, Material, Efficiency, prevent damp,…
  • * Adapts to Uneven Ground, Rock   *Ideal for Stepped Footings
  • ( Fastfoot® quickly adapts to the uneven contours of your bank. No need to waste plywood.)  * Forms Deep Footings commercial pads. Form footings up to 4′ deep.
  • It eliminates expensive and heavy plywood  & expensive re-cycling of formwork.  * Prevents Ground Water Contamination
Foundation sizes 350x350 - Tci Building System

Efficient Foundation with Wall

Evolution in Construction and sustainability as well higher efficiency, faster, Greener  & long-lasting, time and material saving,…  are our main Goal in TCI … Here you can see how… and many more such this,  in TCI …

Foundation Wall 1024x546 - Tci Building System
Foundation Wall 2 350x350 - Tci Building System
Foundation Wall 3 350x350 - Tci Building System
Bracket System for Wall 350x350 - Tci Building System

Flooring and Ceiling Systems

There are three systems that each has specific applications

  1. Hollow Concrete Slap
  2. ICF System
  3. Hambros System

1) Hollow Concrete Slabs System benefits:

  •     Quick installation (time and site costs)
  •    long spans and High load capacity, quality standards
  •    excellent sound resistance, Higher fire resistance,
  •    Immediately stable platform to work on and Units can be grouted
  •    Progress on site is not weather dependent. Can be designed to
  •    incorporate notches, splays, balconies etc.
Flooring and Ceiling 350x350 - Tci Building System

2) ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) Ceiling/Floor System:

  • Light weight, Fast and easy to install with one in house crew (unskilled labor)
  • Much less coordination of multiple subcontractors,
  • 3-in-one: structure, insulation and substrate for finishes and utilities all in one step
  • No added insulation/vapor barrier requirements,
  • No stripping and hauling of heavy concrete forms
  • No capital investment in forming products
  • No additional cleaning, maintenance, storage or transport costs
  • 33% Saving in Steel Consumption, and
  • 50% saving in Concrete usage
  • By reducing your steel & Concrete requirements,
  • You also reduce your mass by 50% and use 50% less shoring
Flooring and Ceiling 3 350x350 - Tci Building System
Flooring and Ceiling 2 350x350 - Tci Building System

3) Benefits Of HAMBROS Ceiling/Floor System:

  • Fast and easy to install, the Hambros floor provides many benefits:
  • Maximum duct opening, electricity and plumbing systems
  • Less concrete and reinforcing steel than conventional slabs and saving on-site construction time, Long span, Rigidity and strength of the steel,
  • compatible with all traditional structural systems
Flooring and Ceiling 4 350x350 - Tci Building System
Flooring and Ceiling System 5 350x350 - Tci Building System
Flooring and ceiling 5 350x350 - Tci Building System
Flooring and ceiling 6 350x350 - Tci Building System
Flooring and ceiling 7 350x350 - Tci Building System
Some of the ICF Building 1 - Tci Building System