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By TCI Group of Company 2019

To learn about TCI Company We need to understand the companies Culture, philosophy and Operation system

 PASSION Concept

and here is the core believe and the way we stand up, and carry the flag of Passion in our Company, in our business, products  and out there,…

PASSION Concept 600x600 - About Us
Our Company vision and mission statement can be summarized in one word; PASSION.
  1. People – Our people passion is not only a standard, but also a philosophy of life, which we make transparent to our employees, our customers and even to our customers’ customers.
  2. Attitude – To invest all our efforts and energy into building a team of people who work together to bring out the unique in the advertising industry.
  3. Service – To serve our customers with superior products with highest standard of workmanship, quality, and on time delivery.
  4. Sell, sell, sell – To sell our service and expertise to help our customers increase the comfort or in their products sales and service.
  5. Innovation – Our innovative team of engineers, designers, sales and production employees will work together to design, manufacture and deliver unique Products to our customers.
  6. Outstanding – To provide our customers with an outstanding Products that goes beyond what is expected, thus making our customers comfort outstanding in their customers’ eyes.
  7. Nano-Second Culture – We will work tirelessly to be second to none in our arena of Design, Build, Service and Producing Unique Products.

      This is a very brief and

     only a few points of our system

      to share with you here,

       thanks for understanding

We supplied: ICF material, Zont bracing system, fast foot, & columns system

  1.  Canada: Vancouver – Toronto, Montreal, Niagara Falls, Halifax,…
  2.  USA: Seattle – Bellingham
  3.  Georgia, Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi
  4.  Oman, setting up our branch offices in free zone to supply all major Builders  and developers

Our core beliefs rely on

  •   Time Management   – Budgeting                   -Product & Materials
  •   Quality Control          -Inspection System      -Building Team
  •   Ongoing system updates in Products, new Materials with high
  •   Efficiency, Modern, Long lasting and low cost.

Our Team

photo 2020 12 17 23 31 58 - About Us

Rasoul Tazar

Founder / CEO